Why does the Webpage look so strange in my browser?

Surely you have an old version of your browser. We have verified if this page works well in the lastversions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Bellow there is a list of browsers in which this page visualizes correctly.

Where I can find one of those browsers?

The main page of our Web has the connections that will take you to the Webpages of the respective browsers.

When pulse in the buttons nothing happens?

This can be due to two causes:

  1. Your browser is not updated.
  2. 1. Your browser does not have activated Javascript

How active Javascript in my browser?

Almost all the browsers look like this. Here are sections where you can configure the options of the recommended browsers:

Internet Explorer

In Tools Options of Internet Outposts must mark the options corresponding to sequences of commandos.


In Publishing Preferences Outposts Scripts and plugins you have the option to enable or to desable Javascript. Activate it at least for Navigator.

Mozilla Firefox

In Tools/Options/Web Features you must mark to Enable JavaScript.


To go to File Options Multimedia and to select"Activate Javascript".